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This is the site of Richard Careaga’s consulting practice in the pragmatic analysis of the problems of businesses and and non-profit organizations.

What’s pragmatic?

Not every solution has an appropriate problem. Pragmatic analysis begins with thoroughly understanding the problem in need of a solution.

Not every problem requires the tools of massive data processing and machine learning. Not every problem can be solved by back of the envelope tools, either.

Pragmatic analysis

A pragmatic analysis matches the solution to the right problem.

Understanding the problem is the challenging. Some problems are difficult only because they are embedded in histories of workarounds, casual decisions and unnoticed changes. And some problems appear simple only because they fail to address side effects on other processes.

Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do. Donald Knuth

So, it starts with art, understanding the problem well enough to know how to break it down into programmable pieces.


At the completion of an engagement comes a single-item invoice representing an estimate of the value of the work. The client can accept the value or propose a different value. If agreement cannot be reached, the invoice is withdrawn and the relationship ends. I do not bill on an hourly fee or other effort basis.